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Whale Trust Maui is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We rely on the generosity and support of our donors, sponsors and volunteers to accomplish our mission. As a contributor to Whale Trust Maui, you will help us conduct and communicate our research to an increasingly curious public and scientific community.

There are many ways to support Whale Trust Maui’s mission to promote whale research and education. Browse through our funds and different options for giving and choose the method that’s best for you.

Types of Funds

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Whale Tales 2016

Whale Tales is an annual event that brings world-renowned researchers, photographers and conservationists together with the public for a weekend of educational talks, networking events, and whale watches. Help us make Whale Tales 2016 another successful event by making a donation or becoming a sponsor! For more information, contact Meagan at mjones [at] whaletrust [dot] org. *Whale Tales sponsorships may be only partially tax-deductible, depending upon the benefits involved.

Individual Sponsorship Packages

Whale Trust Maui Research and Education Fund

Support Whale Trust Maui’s mission to promote whale research and education with a gift we can use wherever money is needed most.

Bill Scott Memorial Fund

In memory of the contributions, passion, and commitment of a true Whale Trust champion, we created the Bill Scott Memorial Fund in 2011. Bill Scott loved to inspire others and believed in our educational mission. As such, this fund supports marine mammal research projects that directly involve students of all ages, from high school through the graduate level in research. We are currently seeking funding to help support the analysis projects for two of our graduate students and funding to help create a college internship position at Whale Trust Maui in the fall of 2015. For more information on how you can become more involved, please contact Meagan at mjones [at] whaletrust [dot] org.


Research Vessel and Maintenance Fund

As anyone who has ever owned a boat knows, they require constant maintenance and care. We currently operate two boats and one needs to be replaced! Help our researchers stay on the water by making a gift to our Research Vessel and Maintenance Fund so that we can maintain our research vessels in a safe way.


Greg Brown Memorial Fund

Captain Greg Brown was a great champion of whales and he loved sharing that love and passion for whales with others. To help ensure his legacy is carried on, we have established the Greg Brown Memorial Fund. All donations received in his memory will go towards sponsoring a presenter at Whale Tales – our annual educational event dedicated to sharing what we are learning about whales with others.

Whale Trust Maui is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.