What’s New

2015 Whale Tales Challenge Match

We are pleased to announce that the Makana Aloha Foundation and Deborah and Michael Rybak have challenged Whale Trust Maui to raise $25,000 for Whale Tales 2015! Please help us meet our goal by becoming a sponsor or donating today!

Spring Fluke Database ID Drive

Help us raise $20,000 this summer to fund our new Fluke ID Database! Fluke ID’s lie at the heart of humpback whale research. Using markings on the underside of the tail fluke to identify individuals, we can learn vital information about individuals and populations ranging from age, lifespan, reproductive histories, migration patterns, population estimates and association patterns between individuals. Our goal is to create an interactive digital database of Fluke IDs that will allow community members to contribute!

Summer Sale!

Get our popular whale tail hoodies, limited edition Flip Nicklin rash guard and Whale Tales T-shirts now at a discounted price! Visit our online store to get one for yourself, friends and family and spread the word about these unique items!

Whale Trust Maui Research Team Debuts Drone

This winter, the Whale Trust Maui research team debuted our new research drone! While still in prototype stages, the new drone teases many new research techniques including measuring whales and capturing extended aerial footage of whale interactions. We are currently working on the next model for this upcoming whale season and are excited to see what the future holds!

Whale Tales 2014 Raises Over $56,000 for Whale Research in Maui

Whale Trust Maui, Center for Whale Studies and Hawaii Whale Research Foundation thank everyone for supporting whale research and education on Maui! Thanks to our many sponsors and participants we raised over $56,000 for whale research in and around Maui. We look forward to doing it again in 2015!